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Max-Pro Maxtreme – a short broadcast, quickly turns on and begins to work in full force. Masteron, like no other steroid, can give muscles a hard, full look and maximum separation. It perfectly masks the weak and emphasizes the strong points of the athlete. Masteron does not aromatize and has a pronounced diuretic effect.

Even on a low-carb diet, Max-Pro gives you the drive and attitude to workout, allows you to workout with maximum efficiency, while remaining resilient.

Max-Pro is a derivative of DHT, and therefore can cause prostate hypertrophy, acne and speed up the alopecia process. If you have problems with the prostate, start taking Prostamol.

Max-Pro Effects

Maxtreme Max-Pro in moderate doses is practically non-toxic to the liver, making it one of the safest drugs that can be used for several weeks. Does not suppress the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. Due to the similar chemical elements with dihydrotestosterone, such side effects as prostate hypertrophy and male-pattern baldness are possible.

It is recommended to periodically examine the prostate gland, for the purpose of prevention. If a man who uses Maxtreme Max-Pro experiences severe pain in the upper abdomen, an enlarged liver, or signs of intra-abdominal bleeding, the differential diagnosis should take into account the likelihood of having a liver tumor.