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Testosterone Suspension 100 mg/ml

Testosterone Suspension 100 mg/ml is an aqueous solution of non-esterified testosterone and is sold in ampoules. Testosterone suspension can be ordered and bought at a low price HERE! It is the absence of the ether residue that explains the fact that 100 grams of the drug contains 100 grams of pure substance. Steroid is invaluable in gaining muscle mass. In addition, it is suitable for local injection, contributing to local muscle growth. According to its properties, the drug is similar to propionate.

How to take Testosterone Suspension

Many athletes choose this drug. But before using Testosterone suspension, you should carefully study the features of its application.

Anabolic retains its concentration in the blood for a short time, because injections should be made quite often. One of the questions of those who decided on the course Testosterone Suspension: when to prick, in the morning or in the evening? The daily dose is often broken several times. Because injections can be at different times of the day.
The daily dose of the drug is usually 50-100 mg. The course duration is about 5-6 weeks.
Injections are best done at different points, as there may be reddening at the injection sites and other unpleasant reactions.
Testosterone suspension is not suitable for women.
In one syringe, it is permissible to mix several water-based drugs.
About anabolic Testosterone suspension reviews say it is quite painful. Therefore, it must be supplemented with vitamin B12 or novocaine, lidocaine.

Combining Suspension 100 mg/ml on the course

The drug is perfectly combined with other anabolic steroids. For example, newcomers can, in addition to such a steroid as a testosterone suspension, buy Trenbolone Acetate, Metandrostenolone. This course is very effective.

Also a good combination and solution would be to buy Oxandrolone, Trenbolone Acetate. For weight gain, a combination of this injectable steroid with Nandrolone and Boldenone is used.

If the bodybuilder does not need weight gain, but it is necessary to increase the power indicators, then along with an anabolic Testosterone suspension, Winstrol and Halotestin should be bought. The course must be complemented by Clomid, starting from the third week.

Testosterone Suspension 100 mg/ml: reviews

Every bodybuilder is interested to find out as much as possible about the steroid of interest. About steroid Testosterone suspension reviews say that you should not risk, exceeding its dosage, since the probability of negative reactions is very high. Injection pain is also noted, but it can be reduced with B12 or painkillers. Such a steroid, like Testosterone Suspension, you can buy after studying the information from those who used it. Athletes note its effectiveness and a fairly quick result.