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Testo-Enane-10 Injection is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is effective and used to gain muscle mass and increase strength. It has an active substance identical to the name – testosterone enanthate (long-acting steroid form (ester), active up to two to three weeks).

Examples of combination Testo-Enane-10 courses:

The course of Testo-Enane-10 in Injections, the drug nandrolone decanoate and methandienone (dosages in the range of 250-500 mg per week, 200-400 mg per week, 30-50 mg per day) for 8-10 full weeks, is mass-packed for experienced athletes.

The course of Testo-Enane-10 for Injections and Trenbolone Enanthate (dosages in the range of 250-500 mg and 200-300 mg per week) for up to 8-10 weeks is a powerful mass combination for athletes experienced in the use of sports pharmacology.

The course has the following effect on an athlete:

  • tangible increase in muscle mass – up to 7-8 kg;
  • an increase in strength and endurance – 20-25%;
  • quick recovery after exercise;
  • increases muscle protein synthesis;
  • increasing the amount of free testosterone in the blood;
  • prevents the destruction of muscle tissue;
  • in most cases, no side effects;
  • Saving results – 50 – 70%.