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Testo-Prop Maxtreme is the most popular injection drug for muscle growth and strength, second only to Cypionate. Often this drug is used during the course of drying. Testo-Prop has in some cases qualities that are not inherent in Cypionate.

The main feature of Testo-Prop in its shorter period of action, only 1-2 days. Due to its androgenic effects, the drug increases its mass and gains strength. The athlete, taking Propionate, gets much less fluid retention in the body, since Testosterone-P acts from the first injection. Already on the second day, the athlete begins to feel a surge of strength and energy, he develops a craving for training, an increased appetite.

Among the advantages are:

  • – rapid absorption into the blood;
  • – quick recovery after intense workouts;
  • – rapid elimination from the body.

At first, it is recommended to inject testosterone 50 mg.

Taking Testo-Prop can be combined with other steroids for greater effect. Before use, you should carefully read the instructions, as this is a strong androgen, which has a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect.