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Alpha Pharma Halobol is an anabolic steroid with powerful androgenic effects. The main active ingredient is halotestin, the release form is tablets, 50 pieces per pack.

Halobol Alpha Pharma is valued by athletes with weight categories for the ability to increase strength and aggression with the simultaneous compaction of muscles. The drug is most effective when taken immediately before the competition.
The main advantage of the product is its moderate effect on the growth of muscle mass with a rather high indicator of anabolic activity. It is 1900% of testosterone.

The duration of steroid exposure to the body is about 8 hours, the period of manifestation during the doping test is about 2 months. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for professional athletes during competitions without additional reception of masking agents.

Effects of using Halobol Alpha Pharma:

  • increase in power indicators
  • stable muscle mass
  • activation of red blood cells, which leads to an increase in athlete aerobic performance
  • increase motivation to continue training and aggression
  • mediated fat burning.

Taking Halobol can lead to a number of unwanted androgenic reactions due to the manifestation of potent androgenic activity (850% of testosterone).