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Max-One causes an increase in muscle mass, against the background of the predominance of anabolic processes over catabolic processes. It is known that methane has the effect of slowing down catabolism, while enhancing the rate of cleavage of subcutaneous fat (there is, albeit not the strongest, but pronounced fat burning effect).

Details of the reception of “Max-One”

Before describing the ways and methods of using “good old methane” for a significant increase in muscle mass, it is worth noting once again with the aim of preventing common misconceptions: it is better to refrain from taking methandrostenolone. To begin at least with the fact that this drug is simply “morally obsolete” (“grandfather methane” has already knocked over fifty years). Achievements of pharmacology for this period of time were very significant. And in the light of these achievements, the intake of any steroids in tablets (anapolone, primobolan, stanazolol, methyl testosterone, halotestin, the same methane, etc.) seems inappropriate, unreasonable. With their “help”, it is easy to “plant” the liver, fairly spoil the stomach, and acquire other unpleasant consequences. No muscle mass will be able to compensate for the most important diseases of vital organs. If you want to abandon injections, you can use Andriol; the degree of risk in this case will be much lower.

Side Effects Max-One Tablets, reviews

The effective action of this oral steroid is proven by a long sports practice. Judging by the reviews, for most athletes, methane is an anabolic, providing not only progress, but also well-being. Exercise for your own pleasure, and not through force, is always more pleasant.

Also, many customer reviews of Methandienone Tablets indicate that for women, this drug is not the best choice. Its use can contribute to virilization phenomena. But, nevertheless, athletes of bodybuilding and powerlifting at their own risk do not rarely accept it and achieve significant success. However, application in such cases is carried out in dosages reduced in comparison with men – usually 2-5 mg per day, sometimes up to 10 mg per day, if there is a need.