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Stan-Max 10mg 100 pills is a stanozolol drug from Maxtreme taken by athletes to increase strength and endurance, relief, density and high-quality muscle growth.

Stan-Max tablets and women

If a woman decided to use AAS, then it is necessary to approach this very, very reasonably. And since stanozolol is a very mild androgenic drug and athletes generally need a lower daily dose of AAS, it is quite suitable for use by women.

The total amount of active ingredient in this case should not exceed 10-15mg / day. Which significantly reduces the number of pills taken and, as a result, negates the possibility of gastrointestinal disorders or liver damage.

Another advantage that tableted Stan-Max gives athletes is the almost complete absence of vilirization phenomena. Especially if the daily dose of the drug will be evenly distributed throughout the day. When you receive an injectable form of the drug, such manipulation is simply impossible.


  1. Tablets stanozolol in its effects on the body is no different from injecting.
  2. Allegedly, the weaker effect of stanozolol in tablets is not explained by the differences of drugs, but by problems in obtaining the amount of the necessary substance with the help of tablets.
  3. For bodybuilding fans, stanozolol injections are more relevant. Lovers of powerlifting more suitable tablet form.
  4. Women may well use stanozolol in their preparation without fear of strong side effects.
  5. Stanozolol tablet is not used as a single course drug.
  6. For weight gain and strength, stanozolol is best combined with testosterone, methane, nandrolone, turinabol.