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Frusenex (Furosemide) is a strong diuretic (saluretic) agent, effective in oral and parenteral administration. The diuretic effect is due to inhibition of reabsorption of sodium ions and chlorine in the kidneys. The drug is equally effective in acidosis and alkalosis.

The action of furosemide is fast: the diuretic effect with a / in the introduction develops after a few minutes, when taken orally – within the first hour. The duration of the effect after a single IV injection is 1.5–3 hours, after oral administration it is> 4 hours. These properties make it possible to use furosemide in emergency cases – in pulmonary edema and brain. The maximum severity of the diuretic effect is observed during the first 2 days. In some situations, furosemide has a diuretic effect with a lack of effectiveness of other diuretics.


Stagnation in the minor and major circulation, caused by heart failure, liver cirrhosis with symptoms of portal hypertension, pulmonary and brain edema, barbiturate poisoning, eclampsia, hypertension, including for the relief of hypertensive crises. The drug can be used in combination with other antihypertensive drugs.


Inside before food, in / in and in / m. The inside is usually prescribed at 0.04 g 1 time per day (in the morning). With insufficient action, the dose is increased to 0.08–0.16 g / day in 2–3 doses with an interval of 6 hours. After a decrease in edema, it is prescribed in lower doses with a break of 1-2 days.

With hypertension, furosemide is prescribed 0.02–0.04 g once a day. With concomitant heart failure, the daily dose can be increased to 0.08 g. When taken with other antihypertensive drugs, the dose of furosemide is usually 0.02 g 1-2 times a day.

With impaired absorption in the intestine, loss of consciousness, if it is necessary to obtain a quick effect, furosemide is administered intramuscularly and intravenously (slowly injected). The daily dose for parenteral administration is 20–60 ml (1-2 times per day). After the desired effect is achieved, oral furosemide is taken orally.


first half of pregnancy, hypokalemia, hepatic coma, end-stage renal failure, mechanical obstruction of the urinary tract.