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T3-Max-100 (T3, triiodothyronine) is a thyroid hormone in an active form (thyroxin is an inactive form of a hormone). Deciding to buy T3-Max-100 in our online store, you get an extremely powerful fat burning tool that is inferior only to terrible DNP, however, in skilled hands this product can become an excellent anabolic agent, as well as an enhancer of gonadotropin on PCT.

Is a derivative of the amino acid tyrosine, after exposure to peroxidase protein thyreoglobulin is attached by ions to tyrosine (this happens in the thyroid gland). A smaller part of thyroid hormones (20-40%) is released into the blood in the active form (T3-Max-100), most of them (60-80%) are present in the blood in the low-active form T4 as a reserve, but if necessary, are converted in the tissues to triiodothyronine under the influence of tissue enzyme selenium-dependent monodeiodinase.


Consumption of T3-Max-100 as a means for fat burning without significant side effects is possible within three to four weeks against the background of the reception of the AU. The dosage of triiodothyronine smoothly rises from 25 µg to 100 µg (and even if your weight is above 100 kg, if not, then 75 µg per day is enough) during the first week of administration and in the last week of administration it is just as gently reduced. In the case of taking high doses immediately, tachycardia, insomnia and tides of a “good mood” bordering with euphoria may occur (to the point about increasing tissue sensitivity to dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline).

Dose is better divided into 3-4 doses during the day.

In the case of tachycardia and insomnia, it is advisable to purchase a selective beta blocker (like metoprolol) and ketotifen with melaxen beforehand to improve sleep.