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Effective use of boldenone EQ 300 Dragon Pharma for muscle mass?

After the start of Boldenone EQ 300, a gradual, high-quality set of muscular volume is noted. Significantly increase power indicators. The weight of the athlete also increases.

The use of Dragon Pharma EQ 300 causes an increase in appetite. In the blood, the erythrocyte mass increases, a greater number of red blood cells are formed. Muscles get more oxygen, lactic acid is formed in smaller quantities. Steroid is often used by athletes who tune in primarily to increase endurance.

How to take the drug Boldenone EQ 300?

It is necessary to begin reception after receiving competent inspection and consultation of health workers. In order to select the optimal dosage for consumption, the experience of using steroids of anabolic, androgenic action, the individual capabilities of the organism is taken into account, the goals for which AAS is used are taken into account. On average, a course is assigned for a period of 8-10 weeks. Men take 400-800 mg of the drug, women – 50-100 mg.

Start to receive, choosing the minimum possible dosage, which will help to feel the work of the tool and track the occurrence of unwanted reactions, and then take measures to prevent them.

Reviews of the drug Boldenone Undecylenate EQ 300 mg

Athletes who use the drug during the course do not notice a fast, but steady weight gain and muscle growth. The effectiveness of Boldenone is confirmed by those who are receiving a solo, and those who use combinations.

The cost of the steroid rather big, often because of this use AAS. Experienced athletes do not recommend using Equipoise when taking AAS for the first time.