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Today, various drugs are used to suppress the side effects of anabolic courses. If we talk about anti-estrogens, or rather aromatase inhibitors, then one of the most popular is Provironos 50 mg. Moldovan company Pharmacom Labs is responsible for its production. Despite the fact that in comparison with other drugs of this group, actively used by builders, Proviron is the weakest, it remains popular.

The point is not only that its price attracts attention, but also in efficiency. Bodybuilders rarely spend powerful anabolic cycles and in such a situation it is quite enough to purchase Provironos 50 mg, which will perfectly cope with the task. To see this, you should carefully study the properties of this anti-estrogen.

Properties and Effects of Provironos 50

The main active ingredient of the drug is Mesterolone. Unlike other antiestrogens, this substance has a steroid nature. Thus, it has inherent anabolic and androgenic activity, an indicator of which is respectively 40 and 100 percent. However, the use of Proviron for weight gain is meaningless.

It is quite obvious that the athletes in this preparation are attracted precisely by the ability to suppress the activity of the aromatase enzyme and thereby slow down the process of converting the male hormone to the female. In addition, Provironos inhibits the work of globulin. This substance is a transport for sex hormones. While they are connected, hormonal substances cannot be active.

It is obvious that inhibition of globulin leads to an increase in the concentration of free-form dough. This fact, in turn. Positive effect on the performance of the entire anabolic cycle. Speaking about the positive effects of Proviron, it is impossible to ignore its ability to improve the relief of muscles and give it extra hardness. Due to the almost complete absence of side effects, the drug does not pose a danger to the body.

Rules of application and dosages of Provironos 50

The scheme of use of the drug on anabolic courses is extremely simple – you need to take from 50 to 100 milligrams daily. A further increase in dose will not allow to obtain more attractive results. Since Provironos helps to improve the relief of the muscles, professionals sometimes use it just before starting in tournaments. In this situation, the daily dose may be increased to 150 milligrams. Also note that Mesterolone is used for a maximum of three months.

Provironos 50 mg reviews

Surely novice builders are interested to know what feedback is left on the network by experienced colleagues about Proviron Pharmacom. At once we will say that they are all positive and we can confidently recommend Provironos to all athletes.