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Tamoxifen citrate Maxi-Fen-20 is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which was created in 1961 by the pharmacological company ICI, under the brand name Astra Zenaca. Today, there are a large number of universal forms of Tamoxifen Citrate in the consumer market, but the most famous of them is Nolvadex. Very often, Tamoxifen Citrate is called an anti-estrogen, although its positive functions clearly do not end there. Its most important feature is to act simultaneously in some parts of the body as an anti estrogen, and in others as estrogen.

For many decades, this drug is very actively used in medical practice, namely in the treatment of breast cancer. It is no less popular among users of anabolic steroids, although Tamoxifen Citrate does not fall into the category of anabolic steroids. The fact is that this drug helps to combat the manifestation of the side effects of an estrogenic nature, which are inherent in most anabolic steroids. Very often it is used in the composition of post-course therapy PCT. It is necessary to begin PCT in 3 – 6 weeks upon termination of reception of anabolic steroids. This therapy helps to significantly speed up the process of restoring the natural production of testosterone, which was suppressed while taking hormonal anabolic steroids.

Distinctive features and main functions of Tamoxifen citrat

The fact is that Maxi-Fen-20 is a SERM drug that can simultaneously act as an anti estrogen and estrogen in different parts of the body. As an anti estrogen drug is able to actively block the hormone estrogen. This fact is very important for patients with breast cancer, because often a malignant tumor feeds on this particular hormone. Blocking estrogen levels is of great importance for lovers of beautiful relief, because increasing the level of this hormone adversely affects muscle tissue and can lead to gynecomastia.

For many consumers, Tamoxifen citrate is not fully understood, because its ability to simultaneously act as an estrogen and an anti-estrogen is indeed very surprising. As an estrogen, Tamoxifen Citrate acts in the liver. It strengthens the human cardiovascular system and improves the cholesterol balance. This fact is very important for most users of anabolic steroids, because most of these drugs have a negative impact on your cholesterol balance.

Also, the use of Maxi-Fen-20 stimulates the pituitary gland and activates the production of Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).