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Just five years ago, few people knew about such a drug as Meditech Pharmaceuticals Equipoise – boldenone from Meditech Pharmaceuticals, and even less used in their courses.

Now every fourth sale falls on Equipoise from Meditech Pharmaceuticals.

What is the secret of its popularity? Let’s see!

I can not say that the drug appeared on the market just now. No, a drug called Equipoise appeared on the market 5 years ago and it was under the brand name Meditech Pharmaceuticals, though at some unreal price …. Dollars in 93. Following a year – two, “Golden Dragon” also “pulled up”.

Western chemists even 15 years ago discovered such a wonderful drug as Ekvipoyz buy (Boldenona Undecylenate), although this drug was created for use in veterinary medicine, with the aim of increasing the appetite of livestock and, accordingly, quick weight gain.

But what is good for our smaller brothers is also good for us. Drugs created for people often wander to the side of veterinary medicine, in turn, preps created for animals are successfully used to treat humans). So very quickly after creation, boldenone sp labs, migrated to the bins of both bodybuilding amateurs and professional athletes.

In our country Equipoise was not widely spread only because of the low awareness of the interested population and the “heap” of contradictory information. But lately, with the accumulation of experience of both practical and theoretical information, Equipoise Meditech Pharmaceuticals is becoming more and more popular.

Equipoise – boldenone from Meditech Pharmaceuticals how to apply?

I’ll start with my personal practical experience.

The practice of using equipoise solo showed its extreme inefficiency at low dosages – 400 mg. 75 kg athlete for 6-7 weeks almost did not bring the desired result. That is, the result was that only such a result could be achieved without the use of Equipoise – 5 kg. for the course.

Proceeding from this and taking into account the very long half-life of the drug – 3 weeks, the use of boldenone solo is not justified in any dosage.

A course using boldenone for less than 10 weeks is also impractical, since in fact it will be a transfer of money.

The most optimal course is equipoise at 12 weeks with a dosage of 600 mg. and up to 1000 mg. in Week. In combination with testosterones, turinabolom, methane. The drug is selected depending on your goals. Equipoise is an excellent and safe alternative to nandrolone mass transfer courses.