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Turanabol 20


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Turanabol 20 mg is distinguished by a slow build-up of power and mass, but it brings a higher-quality result – relief muscles without an excessively watery figure.

Another important feature of turunabol is the lack of aromatization, that is, when the course does not turn testosterone into estrogen. For this reason, side effects such as fluid accumulation and gynecomastia are extremely rare. Nevertheless, at one time there were a lot of reviews about the fact that touranabol still causes gynecomastia, however, it was not possible to find out the exact reason for its appearance.

Turanabol 20 mg

This drug allows you to slowly but surely gain muscle mass, increases strength, endurance and relief. Gained muscle mass quality, and the recoil phenomenon is minimal.

It is also important that Dragon Pharma Turanabol 20 does not fill with water. Unlike methane, it allows you to build up dry muscles, which, after completing the course, are more likely to remain with you.

Quite often, in small doses (20 mg per day), athletes use turinabol for whom it is important to remain in a certain weight category (for example, swimmers, boxers). With this dosage, the mass will remain the same, but the power indicators and endurance increase.

No less popular this drug among athletes. Dragon Pharma Turanabol  was first tested in athletics, where he showed himself perfectly, after which he was noticed by metal fans.

Turanabol 20 solo

Course Dragon Pharma turanabol solo is one of the most simple and safe. As you already know, 40-50 mg per day is the optimal and safe dosage for beginners in bodybuilding. It will allow you to gain muscle mass (2-5 kg), increase endurance, strength, and relief. Turinabol is used both in gaining muscle mass and during drying.