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Cypionat 250


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Cypionat 250 mg Presented active the substance is actually the absolute equivalent of the original hormone and manifests itself in almost the same strength of activity and functionality. Difference substances from natural hormone – prolonged effect, which is provoked slow splitting of the active substance and its gradual intake into the blood. The drug acts on average for 2 weeks.

Substance use

Preparations with this active substance used in various sports disciplines, and especially often in weightlifting and bodybuilding. Submitted substance had time deserve for many years the use of good confidence in themselves as experienced athletes and beginners alike.

Course and Dosage

The recommended Cypionat 250 dose for Novice athletes is 250-500 mg once a week. Professional bodybuilders may increase the dose to 1000 mg. Course duration varies from 4 to 8 weeks. To enhance the effect and achieve accurate results combine steroids. Often, athletes use anabolic Nandrolone. This tandem significantly increases muscle mass gain.

Side effects

It is worth noting that Testosterone Cypionate is not toxic to the liver. It is necessary to observe the correct dosage, not exceeding it, in order to avoid possible side effects. Together with Testosterone Cypionate it is worth taking aromatase inhibitors, napimer Proviron. They should be taken from the 3rd week of the course to the end.