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Testo-Non-1 Maxtreme is a composite testosterone preparation manufactured by Maxtreme. Structurally, it is a 4-component testosterone mix, comprising “short” ethers of propionate and phenylpropionate, and “long” ethers of isocaproate and decanoate. It is precisely due to the verified composition of active substances “sust” (slang reduction) that can have a smooth, powerful and lasting effect on the user.

Testo-Non-1 Maxtreme: detailed description

The characteristic Testo-Non-1 Maxtreme is characterized by high both anabolic and androgenic activity. This is an advantage for many men, but a disadvantage for most women. Athletes, as a rule, are not recommended because of the risk of androgen-induced masculinization (virilization): accompanied by symptoms from the delay of menstruation to the pilosis of the face and body. Also, a long-lasting and uniform activity that lasts up to 2-3 weeks after injection is distinguished from the qualities

Testo-Non-1 from Maxtreme: course of application

The recommended dosage of Testo-Non-1 Maxtreme is 500-750 mg (2-3 ml) per week, divided into injections every 2-3 days for even exposure. Optimally select working doses individually, soberly assessing their experience with sports pharmacology and the tolerability of the drug by the body.

The use of Testo-Non-1 Maxtreme to achieve maximum results is long-lasting. But so that the side effects do not block the positive effect, – without fanaticism. The average is 8-10 (within 6-12) weeks, which is quite enough even for highly experienced athletes.