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Cabergolin / Dostinex Description and Cabgolin 0.5  Effect

With the development of the Internet, more and more opportunities can be found to make courses of anabolic steroids and at the same time maintain their health. It is not a secret for anyone that good health can only be achieved when most of the hormone indicators in the body are normal. But using steroids, we affect certain levels of hormones and other values ​​in the body.

Most athletes are already grounded in what estrogen is, what is the level of their own testosterone, and more and more people are learning about such an important indicator as prolactin. Its value is greatly overestimated when taking such peparats as nadrolone decanoate and trenbolones, respectively, we will not delve into the details of why prolactin jumps from these drugs, we will only analyze what to do with this overestimated value or in other words, how to bring prolactin levels back to normal .

Dostinex acts in this way. what activates certain receptors that are located on pituitary cells. Due to the fact that these cells are activated and decreases in production of prolactin.

Cabgolin 0.5 comes in different dosages, on the Internet you can find it in tablets as 0.5 mg, and in 2 mg bullets.

Often the drug is not called cabergoline and cabumber, this name is an order of magnitude easier to remember. His second name, Dostinex, can still be heard such as Bergrlak or Alaktin, Agalates, and so, these are all the trade names of cabergoline.