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Dostinex – reduces the secretion of prolactin, increases libido and reduces blood pressure. The drug reduces the recovery time between sexual acts due to the expansion of the cavernous bodies.

The use of the drug reduces the production of prolactin, and in combination with a high level of testosterone, the drug increases self-confidence, making the man polygamous and not able to make concessions. The reduction of prolactin in the body of a man gives a high mental stability. In sports, the drug is used to suppress the negative effects on the body during the course of steroids. Through the use of Caberlin, it is possible to normalize the production of the necessary hormones for the body of a man.


Often the drug is prescribed during the passage of steroid courses, with the inclusion of such substances as nandrolones and trenbolones. The standard dosage of 0.25 mg every 4 day. If the level of prolactin is high, it is recommended to take 0.25 mg once every two days, until the hormone level is normalized, then the dose is reduced. The use of Dostinex to buy during the use of steroids allows you to remove puffiness from the muscles and remove excess water from the body.

Dostinex can be purchased at the pharmacy to improve performance, without resorting to AAS, while the dosage of the drug will be appropriate. When using the drug should be remembered that an excessive decrease in the level of prolactin in the body can lead to a decrease in appetite, immunity and poor sleep. Therefore, you should not exceed the dose, and when using exactly follow the instructions.


Buy Dostinex tablets optimally to gain muscle mass, burn fat and improve physical fitness. In addition, the correct use of the drug increases the libido and sex life of an athlete. Using the drug during the course of anabolic steroids, it is possible to significantly improve power performance, increase muscle tissue and emphasize the relief of the body.