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Pharma Bold 300


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Pharmacom labs pharma bold 300 is a steroid drug that has anabolic and androgenic activity. Pharmabold contributes to high-quality muscle growth, increased strength, improves appetite and oxygen transport in the body, increases venousness and muscle relief. Doping Control drug can be detected within 4 months from the end of the reception. You can buy Pharmabold at a great and affordable price on our website.

The effectiveness of Pharmabold.

The drug Pharmabold has a number of specific properties:

  • High-quality set of muscle mass.
  • Significantly increased appetite.
  • The increase in power indicators.
  • Improves oxygen transport in the body.
  • Increased venous and muscular relief.
  • Does not possess hepatotoxicity.
  • It has a weak aromatization.
  • Slightly reduces the production of natural testosterone.

Side effects of Pharmabold.

Pharma bold 300 review is one of the safest drugs, with its proper use and compliance with the recommendations, significant adverse reactions are practically excluded. Since the drug is aromatized, there is a possibility of the development of gynecomastia. To exclude it, it is recommended to take anti-estrogens during courses.