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Magnum Primo 100mg/ml, many experienced athletes skillfully combine with steroids of strong androgenic action. In this case, its anabolic properties increase several times.

Best of all, Magnum Primo 100 manifests itself in interaction with Oxandronolom.
It is noteworthy that the described drug is used not only by men. It is quite common among women. But it is natural that the dosage for women will be less than for men. They, like men, can combine it with other drugs to achieve their goals.

By itself, Magnum Primo 100 is included in the category of high-quality steroids. Therefore, taking it in a dosage of up to 400 mg per week will almost certainly not be justified. In general, taking steroids according to the principle “the more, the better” is not always justified, because the negative effects of side effects increase significantly, and there is no longer a hyper mass increase. However, in the case of Primo 100mg/ml, the situation is quite different: here the more, the better. This steroid is actively combined with testosterone, so the dosage of 400-800 mg is considered the most optimal. In this case, Primo 100mg/ml will have a double effect:

  • a huge increase in muscle mass (500 mg of primobolan + 750 mg of testosterone per week)
  • great combination with diet


The recommended dosage without a combination with testosterone is 600-800 mg per week, however, if there is an opportunity to increase the dose to 1000 mg, the result will be much better. According to many athletes who use anabolic steroids, the optimal course of taking primobolan is 12 weeks. After a 12-week course of administration, this anabolic steroid is still being cleared and processed in the body for 5-6 weeks; therefore, its actual duration is quite long. The maximum duration of a course of Primo 100mg/ml is 20 weeks.

Side effects

This drug does not cause serious side effects. As a rule, it is accepted by athletes who carefully relate to their health. It does not affect cholesterol levels or blood pressure. The only thing is to carefully monitor your liver. In a certain period of time, it is even recommended to visit a doctor for examination of this organ. It is recommended to do this as a preventive measure in order to avoid undesirable consequences. All the drugs have a negative effect on the liver, because it does not mean that such an effect is a feature of Primobolan.