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Pharma Nan D300


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Moderate injectable steroid. It has 150% anabolic and 30% androgenic effects from testosterone. The main active ingredient is nandrolonecanoate. As a therapeutic drug, it has been produced since 1962. In slang, sports doctors call him 19-Nortestosterone due to the fact that he does not have the 19th carbon atom, unlike testosterone. It helps to reduce androgenic effects.

Action Of Pharma Nan D300

The predominant difference with testosterone is the lack of metabolites in the muscle tissue, which reduces the risk of side effects during the Pharmacom Deca course. Nandrolone is produced by an enzyme that transforms the male hormones into DHT, but still produces dihydronandrolone. Therefore, it minimizes the occurrence of gynecomastia in athletes taking it.

Dosage Pharma NAN D300 by Pharmacom

Many argue about the properties of Pharma Nan D300 how to take it most effectively. However, most opinions converge on the optimal course of 2-3 months. During this time, the athlete can gradually and efficiently build up dry muscles. In this case, men are recommended to take 300-600 mg per week. The drug is taken by injection once a week. It is long absorbed and displayed in two weeks.

It is better not to increase the period of admission, since it is more productive to make two identical courses with a break. The dosage must be selected based on the weight of the athlete. Calculation make 4 mg per 1 kg of weight. For women, the dose is no more than 50 mg per week.

The effect of Pharma NAN D300 by Pharmacom

The substance itself in the composition of the drug in small doses is produced by the body and may increase with prolonged heavy physical exertion. Although the coach still advised Pharma nan D 300 to buy to anyone who wants to speed up:

  • a marked increase in muscle mass, while avoiding “kickbacks” after the course;
  • increase endurance performance, which becomes possible due to the stimulation of red blood cell production in the blood;
  • strengthening bones and joints, minimizing injuries.

As a pleasant side effect, Deca Pharmacom price also includes strengthening the athlete’s immune system. It was used in medicine as a cure for HIV-infected. The athlete’s blood transports more oxygen, which prevents the muscles from getting poisonous oxidation, and they no longer feel tired.