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Prominate 100


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Prominate 100 – a mild anabolic for muscle building

Prominate-100 is one of the anabolic steroids that are very popular among the representatives of heavy sports. It has moderate androgenic activity and is a very effective drug for gaining lean muscle mass. This anabolic is unparalleled in the global market. The price of Prominate 100 mg may vary depending on the manufacturer, as well as the form of release: tablets or injections.

What Prominate 100 deserved such popularity?

The answer is very simple. The fact is that this steroid is considered to be fairly soft (as far as anabolics can be). Add to this the name of the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has very enviable forms, and the legend that he used this particular drug. That’s the whole formula of popularity.

But let’s be fair, the effect of Prominate 100mg is really great. It does not transform into estrogen, which allows you to forget about the many side effects inherent in the majority of AAS. The drug is great for drying, because it does not trap fluid in the body of an athlete, and also has almost no effect on sexual desire.

How to take and what to expect from Prominate 100?

Prominate 100 has a multifaceted effect, but its main effect is:

the build-up of high-quality muscle mass – due to the long-term ester, which is the active ingredient of the drug, this process is slow;
removal of excess water from the muscle tissue and the body as a whole – is due to the zero retention of the liquid, which the steroid has;
prevention of muscle destruction during the drying period due to the high anabolic activity of the drug;
the appearance of severe venousness and muscle relief – helps bodybuilders look more attractive in competitions.