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What is Sustaviron 250?

Sustaviron-250 is a mixture of testosterone esters. He is able to help with therapy that replaces hormones. The most famous analogue of this mixture is Sustanon and Omnadren 250. But, due to its popularity, many fakes have recently been made.

Sustaviron 250 goes on sale in glass containers – ampoules, a fake is available in bottles with rubber caps, which is unacceptable for the original. All forms of testosterone in the drug have a different absorption rate. Easy to use. He was popular in 80-90 years. Sustaviron 250 is considered an analogue of Omnadren 250.

Effects of Sustaviron-250

  • -Increases muscle.
  • – Able to suppress catabolism processes.
  • – Strengthens the appetite.
  • – Increased attraction to the opposite sex while taking the drug.
  • – Stimulates blood flow. Increased endurance due to enhanced production of red blood cells.
  • – Able to convert to female hormones, side effects may develop if doses of Sustanon are not observed.

This mixture can be detected in the doping control even ninety days after the last dose. It is well tolerated.

Methods of use and dosage

Sustaviron 250 is considered the best because it does not need to be prickled often, it will be enough once in 7 days. It is recommended for men who seek to gain muscle mass. The course of the drug lasts about seven to ten weeks. If you wish to extend the reception, it is recommended to use gonadotropin. The weekly dosage of Sustaviron 250 sol is 0.25-0.5 grams (250-500 mg) intramuscularly.

Starting from day 8, the course is supplemented with aromatase inhibitors. To control the female hormone, it is recommended to be regularly examined. To the course was more effective, you should observe proper nutrition. Before using Sustaviron, consult a specialist.

To get the best effect, the Sustaviron 250 can be combined with Nandrolone and methane – to increase muscle, and with Winstrol and boldenone – for better body relief.

Post course therapy (PCT)

On post-course therapy, you need to take Tamoxifen. It should begin to use after 7-10 days after the last injection of steroids. Also, to help your body in developing testosterone need to take a booster for 21-28 days.