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Trenbolone 75 from Dragon Pharma is the trade name of the classic steroid – Trenbolone Acetate, which is currently still on the list of the most powerful steroids available on the modern pharmacology market. Trenbolone from Dragon Pharma is very popular due to the relative novelty. Acetate is a short-acting trenbolone. Acetate is a kind of propionate – a drug that is rapidly eliminated from the blood and acts just as quickly. This allows literally every 2-3 days to feel the effect and effect of the steroid. The disadvantage is the need to make frequent injections. Men need to use trenbolone during the period of gaining muscle mass. The drug will allow you to enormously increase the strength and speed of weight gain. With the right intake, you will be able to avoid the collection of fluid and thereby maintain relief.

Effects of the course Trenbolone 75 Dragon Pharma:

  • A huge increase in lean muscle mass;
  • Increased growth hormone synthesis, which leads to stronger joints and fat burning;
  • A dramatic increase in power indicators;
  • Increased libido and increased erection;
  • No conversion to estrogen, that is, does not lead to gyno;
  • Complete suppression of catabolism due to inhibition of cortisol secretion.

How to take Trenbolone 75 Dragon Pharma?

Exactly as testosterone preparations, trenbolone acetate can be used in a solo course, and quite successfully both for beginners and experienced athletes. Because of its high androgenic and anabolic activity, it is excellent for the role of the main drug. Solo course implies frequent dosages. Many athletes use 50 mg every day. I recommend you use a different regimen: 100 mg every other day. In this case, you will purposely slightly lower the hormonal arc, which the next day will allow you to feel more strongly the effect of the new injection. Experienced athletes and professional bodybuilders add testosterone to such a course, most often in long form, since too frequent injections of two drugs will not leave a living place on your buttocks. This, of course, is about testosterone enanthate. Its dosage should be minimal: 250 mg once a week. This course is one of the strongest variants of compote preparations for weight gain.