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Andriol Testocaps


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Composition and action Andriol Testocaps

The main ingredient of Andriol Testocaps is testosterone undecanoate. One capsule of the drug contains 40 mg of the active substance dissolved in oleic acid.

Andriol Testocaps for bodybuilders Despite the fact that the drug is used relatively recently, he has already gained fame as one of the most effective oral steroids. It is known that testosterone in its pure form is effective only in the form of injections, since when it is used in the form of tablets, it is deposited in the liver, where its effect is neutralized. In the case of Andriol, which contains the active substance testosterone undecanoate, the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream in the intestine, thereby achieving the desired effect. In this regard, “Andriol” has already gained fame as a revolutionary steroid. One of the main side effects – the negative impact of all oral steroid drugs on the liver – this steroid is absent while retaining the stated effects. So “Andriol TK” in bodybuilding causes feedback mostly positive and is used quite widely.

Testosteronundecanoate is an ester of natural androgen fatty acid testosterone and is converted in the human body mostly to dihydrotesterone, a product of testosterone metabolism. Therefore, Andriol is only minimally flavored, i.e. only an insignificant part of this substance can turn into estrogen, since dihydrotesterone is not flavored. Therefore, Andriol does not show in those who accept it the phenomena of feminization, such as, for example, gynecomastia or increased formation and accumulation of fat. Therefore, it is a desirable alternative for athletes who have problems with conventional injectable testosterone preparations. On this basis, Andriol is suitable for preparing for competitions.