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Magnum Turnibol 10


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Magnum Turnibol 10 is a versatile drug. His range of activities is suitable for almost all sports. It significantly increases strength, endurance and dry weight. Does not burden the athlete with a non-functional weight in the form of excess fluid. Performs functions inherent in the anabolic steroid. Sports pharmacology is different. Each drug has its own steroid profile and focus of action. There are anabolic steroids for weight gain, drying, increased stamina and physical parameters. They provide sporting progress and real achievements. The action of the anabolic steroid is similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. In other words, the drug mimics the action of testosterone in the body, increasing physical characteristics and hormones. Needless to say that testosterone is the most important hormone for an athlete, the level of which affects progress and development. In its action Turnibol 10 mg recalls the legendary steroid methandrostenolone, with the proviso of the absence of negative phenomena in the form of water retention. Turnibol 10 awards the athlete with its effects: strength, speed, endurance, dry meat – without side effects. Turnibol 10 is the most popular drug among athletes, runners, swimmers, and tennis players. Today, Turnibol 10 is relevant in strength sports and bodybuilding. They use it for absolutely different purposes – the drug shows itself well on weight and drying. And powerlifters take with confidence from the drug the increase in power indicators in preparation for the competition. Turnibol 10 in bodybuilding is used to increase the dry and high-quality mass, the formation of relief and increase venosity. On the course of turinabol, the fullness and stiffness of muscles is observed without gaining side effects – it will not flood with water. It’s good to start familiarizing yourself with the world of pharmacology with this drug. It is safe, effective and easy to use. Presented in pill form. If you take professional and experienced athletes, they, of course, use Turnibol 10 in combination with other drugs for mass or drying.

What anabolic effects does Turnibol 10 have?

This drug can satisfy the needs of athletes for various purposes. As in most cases with anabolic substances, this steroid is taken to achieve several basic goals, namely:
increased protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and an increase in red blood cells. Read more about the effects of turinabol read below:

Moderate effect on muscle growth. Unlike the methandienone, Turnibol 10 does not cause an intense fluid retention, in connection with which athletes almost never experience a rapid increase in weight. However, this imaginary “minus” of the drug actually turns into an increase in “pure” muscle mass, without unstable “watery” kilograms, leaving within a few weeks after completion of the course. In addition, this trait makes turinabol attractive for “power” (and not only) athletes, whose competitive activity implies a stable weight class. It effectively increases the power performance, while not causing significant weight gain. That is, the increased mass will be of higher quality, which is good news.

Weak fatty effect, as well as the effective maintenance of muscle mass and strength in the period of fat burning, accompanied by a strict diet and cardio.

A significant increase in endurance caused by the pronounced effect of Turnibol 10 mg on erythropoiesis. For this reason, this drug for many years in a row remains a priority for athletes, boxers, wrestlers and other athletes in whom ENDURANCE plays a very important role in achieving a sporting result.

Reduced sex hormone binding globulin. Based on this, we can conclude that the use of turinabol in combination with other anabolic steroids causes a mutual enhancement of the effect. Also, this feature allows to reduce the dosage of the drug to a certain extent, in combination with which Turnibol 10mg is used. This effect is also remarkable in that the decrease in SHBG increases the level of free testosterone in the body.

Turinabol’s side effects include ..

– suppression (weak) of own hormone testosterone. However, this minus is insignificant and the body after the course is quickly restored.
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