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Tren Tabs Alpha Pharma is a complex that consists of two complementary elements. The first is trendy (prohormone), which is transformed into an extremely powerful anabolic steroid, and Arimistane (arimistan) is a substance that helps neutralize the side effects of such a potent prohormone. During such a strong load on the body, it helps the body to deal with stress, prevents loss of results and maintains libido.

This drug provides an opportunity in the shortest possible time to increase muscle gain. For one course, you can dial 8-10 kg. The advantage over testosterone is the ability to bind, which is increased 5 times. It can also be noted that the trendy substance is not affected by aromatase, an enzyme that transforms androgens into estrogens.

Application features

Before you buy Tren Tabs, you should consult a doctor. This complex is very powerful and is not suitable for everyone. It is necessary to check the drug for tolerability. It is worth entering the course from small dosages, increasing them.

The initial two weeks is enough to take 1 capsule after the first meal in the morning. If the weight exceeds 90 kg, then you should add another 50 mg before exercise. In the package of 60 capsules, which should be enough for one full course. After the required break for 1-2 months.