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Liv.52 is a complex herbal medicine used to strengthen the liver. It has a facilitating effect for the renewal and restoration of liver cells, as well as the stimulation of liver biosynthetic function. The drug has a weakening effect on lipid peroxidation on the membranes of hepatocyte cells. Significantly weakens the effect of various toxins on liver cells from alcohol, drugs, etc. Helps fight and eliminate symptoms of biliary tract dyskinesia. It has a positive effect on the normalization of digestion and improvement of appetite in general. The drug is endowed with choleretic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

It has a positive effect not only on the human liver, but on the gallbladder and its functions, namely, it improves the contractile function of the gallbladder, and also helps to improve the colloidal properties of bile. Interferes with the formation of gallstones.

When is it recommended to take the drug?

Ayurvedic doctors recommend Liv 52 in the treatment of chronic and acute hepatitis of various forms of origin: viral, alcoholic, medicinal and others. Cirrhosis of the liver, as well as conditions preceding its development, can also be treated with this ayurvedic drug. Apply it during the course of treatment of fatty liver, is also actively prescribed for any problems of the biliary tract. A disease like cholecystitis is also treatable with this medicine.