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Kamagra Chewable


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Viagra Sildenafil 100mg Kamagra Chewable

In the current conditions, when men lead an active lifestyle, they work a lot, in an unstable, nervous environment, the problem of lack or weak erection, impotence, more and more often occurs. Everyone has heard of Viagra, but this is not the only drug that can help solve these problems. The best scientists of the Indian company Ajanta produced the drug Viagra Kamagra Chewable, the active component of which is Sildenafil.

The tool is effective, regardless of the cause of the problem.

Kamagra Chewable comes in the form of chewable tablets, which have a pleasant taste, which greatly simplifies the reception.

What is the purpose:

The drug actively eliminates the problem of weak erection or its absence, while at the same time prolonging sexual contact and strengthening male strength.

Reception Method:

Kamagra needs to be chewed, so the components immediately enter the blood and begin their action, the first signs can be seen already in 15 minutes, but the peak is reached in an hour. Efficiency lasts 4-6 hours.

Beginners need to start with a dosage of 50 mg, over time it can be increased to 100 mg, but not more.


Sildenafil accelerates the production of testosterone and blood flow through the vessels, expanding them, especially in the genital area, thereby causing a persistent erection.

Who is contraindicated:

  • – to minors;
  • – people with intolerance to Sildenafil;
  • – elderly with heart diseases or diseases of the kidneys, liver.

Also, there are a number of contraindications with other medicines, so we advise you to start by reading the instructions.

Alcohol is acceptable in small dosages.

Side effects:

  • – redness of the skin (associated with increased blood flow);
  • – runny nose;
  • – pain in different areas.