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Testoheal Gel (Testogel)


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The description is based on the instructions for use, patient feedback and the results of clinical studies.

Testoheal Gel is a colorless gel, with 1% content of the male hormone testosterone. It is used for replacement therapy in patients with a confirmed diagnosis of hypogonadism. Three clinical symptoms are needed to confirm the diagnosis:

  • lack of body hair;
  • underdevelopment of the genitals;
  • insufficient levels of testosterone in the blood.

Attention! In recent years, the efficacy of using transdermal testosterone to treat frigidity in postmenopausal women has become clear. Read more in the section “Testogel for women

Mechanism of action

The active component of Testogel is testosterone. When rubbing the gel into the skin, testosterone penetrates the bloodstream and performs its natural functions:

  • the development of male genitalia;
  • development of secondary sexual characteristics (libido, fat distribution in the body, hairiness);

Testosterone is also involved in the synthesis of certain proteins and the regulation of nitrogen, sodium, chlorine, phosphate and water levels in the urine.

Dosage and application features

Testoheal Gel is packaged in sachets, which contains 5 grams of gel and 50 mg of testosterone, respectively. This is just the daily dose of this hormone. That is, you will use 1 sachet per day. Patients with impaired renal or hepatic function should use reduced doses of the drug.

After starting treatment with a blood test, testosterone levels are determined. If necessary, the daily dose is increased up to 100 mg (2 sachets) per day.