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Men can lose their hair for various reasons, but more than 90% of baldness cases occur as a result of androgenetic factors, the causes of which lie at the gene level. Until recently, preventing hair loss for these reasons was very difficult and expensive. A real miracle remedy for men who are faced with the problem of baldness was Finasteride – the active ingredient of Proscalpin (generic Propecia), a drug invented for the successful treatment of prostate adenoma (BPH). In clinical studies, Finasterid revealed a remarkable side effect, as a result of which men can not only keep their hair, but also stimulate hair growth.

What is Finasteride (Propecia)

The usefulness of finasteride for hair was discovered in the 90s. Back in 1992, patients who used finasteride to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia of the prostate gland, noted intensive hair growth on the frontal part and on the crown of the head. As a result of long observations and research, by 1998, Propecia was developed, almost immediately recognized by the medical community and appreciated by men, with whom the drug helped preserve hair. An additional advantage is the price of finasteride – quite affordable compared to other similar means.

The principle of action of proscalpin

The causes of the androgenetic type of baldness are in the damaging effect on the follicles of the hair dihydrotestosterone – the male sex hormone. When hormones enter the cells of the follicle they cause their dystrophy and, consequently, the dystrophy of the hair produced. After 10-12 years, the stomatal follicle overgrown, and the hair stops growing altogether, even the gun. In such a situation, finasteride for hair is a truly healing remedy that prevents hair loss and restores their growth.

Composition, forms of generic Propecia (Finasteride)

Available in the form of tablets, differing in shape and color, depending on the manufacturer. The active substance of the remedy is finasteride. Each tablet of generic Propecia contains 1 mg of finasteride. The cost of Proscalpin depends on the number of tablets in the package – the sets are designed for different time courses of treatment. Moreover, the generic drug finasteride Proskalpin in its effectiveness does not differ from the original drug, although significantly cheaper.