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Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG 5000IU) – refers to a group of protein hormones that occurs in the placenta (uterus) of pregnant women. Gonadotropin is synthesized in a woman’s body during the first trimester of pregnancy and is the basis for the subsequent formation of estrogen and progestins in the corpus luteum. HCG comes from the bloodstream to the kidneys and is later excreted in the urine, which is later used to produce the hormone as a drug. The introduction of gonadotropin into a woman’s body contributes to ovulation, and increases her chances of getting pregnant.

Attention same bodybuilders Gonadotropin attracted for another reason. The fact is that this hormone has virtually the same properties as the luteinizing hormone that occurs in the pituitary gland. In young men, luteinizing hormone provokes the formation of germ cells in the testicles, stimulates interstitial cells (Leydig cells) and promotes the production of sex steroids, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

To date, many US researchers have agreed on the opinion that, for maximum effect, Chorionic Gonadotropin should be taken as an injection. Using it orally, for example, as a dietary supplement, does not produce the expected results.

How to take HCG 5000IU in bodybuilding

The preparation of HCG 5000 IU for injection (for intravenous or intramuscular injection) is commercially available at any pharmacy. The medication solution is prepared using a liquid (usually sodium chloride), which is attached to the medication. Gonadotropin almost instantly enters the bloodstream and begins its action. Moreover, it is unique in its property to influence the body “in two waves” – the first peak of the hormone level occurs 2 hours after administration, when the concentration of plasma testosterone in the blood is maximum; the second – after 46-48 hours from the moment of injection.
If we talk about how much you need to prick gonadotropin in bodybuilding, then its dosage depends directly on both the AU scheme and its intensity.

If the AS cycle lasts less than 5-6 weeks and one steroid is taken in small doses, then there is no need for HCG;
In the case of a longer use of the AU, or excessive doses are used (two or more steroids are used), then two injections per week should be given with a dosage of between 250-500 int. units. An increase in hormone dosages is possible (up to 2000 IU in the case of, for example, post-course therapy). Injections should be given every other day for three weeks. Of course, it is necessary to remember that the approach to the reception of hCG for all is individual, depends on the characteristics of the organism and on the preparations in the course of the AU.
If we are talking about longer steroid courses (from three months and more), it is recommended to include the drug on an ongoing basis. In this case, it is advisable to take a break for one to two weeks after four or five weeks and then repeat the course of treatment.

Gonadotropin HCG 5000IU side effects

While taking gonadotropin, similar side effects may occur as with taking testosterone:

  • swelling of the mammary glands
  • alopecia / hair growth
  • acne
  • enlarged prostate
  • masculinization in women.

Today, HCG 5000IU remains one of the most popular hormones among professional athletes. However, despite the beliefs of some athletes, hCG is not able to replace steroids and does not have a fat burning effect. Also, be careful when using it to raise the level of testosterone – hCG is unacceptable doping.