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Testobolin (vial)


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In the basis of Testobolin (vial) contains the active ingredient testosterone enanthate (at a concentration of 250 mg per 1 ml). “Enka” (slang name) is, perhaps, the most demanded testosterone ester among domestic athletes. Inherently enanthate is closest to another testosterone ester – cypionate. For sporting purposes, they are even considered interchangeable without consequences.

Testobolin (steroid testosterone enanthate) is a form of a prolonged-action hormone: it is characterized by pronounced and anabolic and androgenic properties that are identical to natural testosterone, which develop 14-16 days after injection. Due to the high androgenicity, for use in sports purposes, the product is recommended exclusively for men. For women in sport, its use is fraught with virilization (symptoms from acne to coarsening voice).

Testobolin, when correctly built and conducted a course, characterizes the prevailing beneficial side effect: the drug effectively promotes anabolism (gaining muscle mass) and prevents catabolism (muscle breakdown). But the impact does not end there, because power indicators also increase powerfully, endurance decreases, athlete fatigue decreases, the function of the ligaments and joints improves, the skeletal system strengthens, the desire to exercise increases, and the predisposition increases appetite, aggression, even using libido.


The course of Testobolin for the expressed progress in sports purposes, as a rule, is carried out long and combined. Enanthate is effectively combined with steroids of various properties, from methandienone to nandrolone decanoate, which amateurs and sports professionals readily use. Having studied the options of the combined courses, everyone will be able to choose the optimal (effective and harmless) bundle of drugs for themselves.

The course of testosterone enanthate with methandienone (up to 6–8 weeks at doses of 500 mg per week and 30–50 mg per day, respectively) is a working mass set for athletes of novice experience. Experienced athletes can supplement the combination with nandrolone decanoate injections, which will only enhance the final results.

The course of testosterone and trenbolone enanthates (up to 10 weeks in doses of 500-750 mg and 300-400 mg per week), in turn, is a powerful mass-training and recommended for athletes experienced with sports pharmacology. It is important to strictly adhere to the working dosages, otherwise the synergistic effect of testosterone and trenbolone may be excessive, provoking consequences for the user.