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Alpha Pharma’s Provibol belongs to the antiestrogen group and is an aromatase inhibitor. The main active ingredient of this drug is Mesterolone. With it, you can avoid such side effects as gynecomastia, the delay in the body of a large amount of fluid, etc. In our store you can profitably order not only steroids, but also ancillary drugs. At the same time the price of them will definitely please you.

Properties of Provibol Alpha Pharma

Mesterolone is very popular among athletes. This substance should be familiar to you under the name Proviron. It has a steroid nature and is a strong androgen. However, in the sport, Provibol became popular not for this reason. Athletes use the drug to suppress the processes of aromatization, which are activated on the courses of some anabolic steroids.

Surely you know that it is excessive aromatization that is the main cause of the development of side-estrogen types. Proviron is inferior to drugs such as Anastrozole or Exemestane. However, it will be effective in light courses. In addition, in the professional bodybuilding quite often you can find the use of Provibol in the period of preparation for tournaments.

This is precisely due to the steroid nature of Mesterolon. Since the indicator of the androgenic activity of the drug is 1.5 times higher than this parameter of testosterone, it can add extra rigidity to the muscles. In amateur sports, Proviron is extremely rarely used to solve this problem, unlike its main purpose.

Note the main effects of Provibol:

  • Suppresses the activity of the enzyme aromatase.
  • Increases free-form testosterone due to globulin inhibition.
  • Stimulates the processes of spermatogenesis and at the same time improves the quality of replacement fluid.
  • Increases muscle hardness.