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What is provironum?

The active ingredient of this type of Proviron is mesterolone (1-methylated DHT). If you do not go into the theoretical jungle, we can say that it is a derivative of the prohormone – dihydrotestosterone. Unlike classical testosterone, this analogue causes mainly androgenic effects, while the male hormone exhibits more anabolic properties. The main difference of dihydrotestosterone in this context is its inability to convert to female hormones. In addition, its molecules are able to bind with aromatase and inhibit its action, as a result of which the percentage of aromatization of male hormones into female ones decreases, and with it there is a decrease in possible side effects, such as gyno, severe water retention, a decrease in libido, etc.

Proviron in bodybuilding is used for various purposes, and at all levels from pros to beginners. Provironum is able to improve anabolic processes by activating receptors and a corresponding influx of free testosterone, which is used to maintain a positive nitrogen balance or protein synthesis. Unfortunately, this provironum effect is expressed only in people with notoriously low rates of production of their own testosterone and its free form.

Proper use of Proviron will help stiffen the muscles due to its androgenic nature. If the course is designed for drying, and you successfully poured excess water, then the provironum will give an important final effect: separation, stiffness and depth of the muscles. That is why it is used by many professionals, and even at PKT

Provironum dosages

The total dosages of Proviron depend on your goals. However, in most cases, the standard scheme is suitable for athletes: 50 mg either every day or every other day. In some individual cases, it rises to 75 or even 100 mg per day, but this is more true for professional bodybuilders on stage.

Do not exceed the specified dosage. Any androgen exerts its positive effect only when dosed. Excess can harm.

When and how to take provironum?

Proviron is great for any flavoring courses based on nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymetholone, testosterone esters, and sometimes even methane. In general, any drugs that have progestogenic activity (retain water, are converted into female hormones, etc.) can be supplemented by a course of proviron.

The effect of taking provironum in this case will be extremely positive. Conventionally, it can be called an assistant on the course. Thanks to its androgenic activity, it will level the levels of female hormones and will not allow the aromatization process to rise to a high level, and at the same time, Proviron will suppress the possible appearance of gyno, excessive water accumulation, sluggish erection and much more. This is a kind of antiestrogen for the course.

Gynecomastia and Provironum

The most terrible side effect of the steroid course can be considered gynecomastia – the development of the female breast like Alexander Nevsky. If you do not want to get the body of Nevsky, I recommend that you buy provironum 1-2 jars in advance before the course. They will never be superfluous. If the nipples or the area near them swells and there is a characteristic itch, immediately start taking Proviron, but in reasonable dosages (50-75 mg). For 3-7 days you can successfully suppress the initial stage of gyno. Very valuable quality Proviron.

PCT and Provironum

The effect of provironum will be zero and even negative in the case when you use the drug during post-course therapy. As you know, the main purpose of PCT is to restore the production of your own testosterone. Of course, for this you cannot use androgens, including provironum, otherwise you will simply crush your own level of male hormone, and PKT will turn into a pun.

Side Effects of Provironum

A serious side effect is a strong erection. If you use a compote of testosterone esters and proviron, be prepared for the fact that any girl will become more attractive, and you want to copulate with her. Libido when taken provironum jumps to extreme values, especially against the background of injectable testosterone ester, be it enanthate or propionate.

Due to this fact, many athletes do not include proviron in their combined courses. That is why athletes buy Provironum only as an emergency antiestrogen (gyno suppressor) for the course. Remember: provironum is not Clomid, and he cannot replace it. These are completely different drugs.