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Sibutros 15


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Sibutros 15 mg or sibutramine helps athletes whose goal is to burn subcutaneous fat deposits. The drug does not have a direct effect on lipolysis. Its action helps reduce appetite. It can affect the control of food intake, so you can control the use and volume of products for a long time. Side effects from this drug almost does not occur, and if they appear, they are not significant. Perhaps an increase in pulse pressure. If you stick to normal doses of this drug, then there will be no harm to health.

The effectiveness of Sibutros 15 is as follows:

1. Significantly reduced appetite.
2. Accelerates metabolism in the body.
3. Brown fat cells break down much faster.
4. Burning subcutaneous fat is faster.

Sibutros 15 Reception

It is recommended to use this drug 1 time a day, regardless of food intake, the dosage of sibutramine is 10 mg, then a week after the start of administration it can be increased to 15 mg if the first dosage seems ineffective. The larger size of a single dose will be inappropriate, since it can lead to side effects and health complications.

This drug should be taken throughout the diet, on average, Sibutros 15 mg is consumed from six months to a year, but if the drug is used by an athlete, the course of treatment can be reduced and reduced to 2-3 months.