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Oxanabol from Alpha Pharma is an oral steroid based on oxandrolone. It was originally developed for children and women, and therefore has a fairly mild effect on the body. For the first time in the pharmacological market, oxandrolone appeared back in 1964. It was developed by the American company Searle Co to stimulate growth in patients suffering from osteoporosis. In medicine, the drug is also used to restore tissue and skin after burns, strengthen the ligaments and bones, with anemia and Turner syndrome.


Oxanabol is an anabolic steroid that is widely used by novice and professional athletes to achieve significant bodybuilding success. If you have a desire to purchase an excellent sports form, you should buy oxanabol in our online store.

What are the characteristics of a steroid drug. The drug has its own distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from a number of other anabolic steroids.

All steroids have an anabolic index. It is calculated as the ratio of anabolic to androgenic activity, while the activity of the drug itself is determined in comparison with the activity of the hormone testosterone, taken as a unit. Oxanabol has a very high index and a small androgenic activity, which leads to a decrease in negative effects after a course of its reception by an athlete. Anabolic activity – 400%, and androgenic – 25%. Thus, the indicators of the drug allow you to take it without fear for such consequences as masculinization and virilization, excessive hair growth on the face and body, testicular atrophy, prostate hypertrophy. Athletes will not experience a state of steroid rage, feelings of domination and mental activation.

The main actions of the drug are:

  • increase muscle relief;
  • a significant reduction in the recovery period after workouts;
  • destruction of body fat.

Oxanabol buy. Once in the body, the drug acts on the androgenic receptors of the cell nucleus, thereby initiating protein synthesis. This does not slow down the reduction of fat cells and blocking the creation of new ones.

You should know that the drug is very effective for creating muscle relief, but still inferior to other steroids on the set of muscle mass.

After the end of the period of taking the drug should certainly take post-cycle therapy. This will contribute to a significant weakening of some of the consequences and will allow you to save the results of training. Taking the drug, you need to take care of high-calorie nutrition, not forgetting the use of proteins, creatine and vitamins.