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Super P Force


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Super P-Force is a very effective drug designed to treat impotence and prevent early ejaculation. In this preparation Sildenafil citrate is known as Viagra; mg and dapoxetine selective inhibitor, it acts on serotonin; 60 mg of what is super p force stimulant, which is good p super that force in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Super P-FORCE is a drug that is multifunctional. Thanks to him, and an erection becomes better, and sexual intercourse is extended. According to experts, Super P-FORCE is designed for men who themselves can not cope with sexual arousal.

Sildenafil is stimulating and Dapoxetine controls adrenaline rush. In other words, Super P-FORCE was created for those men who, what is super p force, sometimes think not only about their feelings. The drug should be taken thirty to forty minutes before sexual intercourse.

Per day you can take no more than one pill. Do not drink pills with alcohol. So, Super P-FORCE – a tool that helps men improve erection and make sexual intercourse longer.