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Fat is not evil in itself. It is found in most foods. Most food products (vegetables, for example) are simply not absorbed by the body without the presence of fatty acids. Problems arise when a person violates his own metabolism with his actions or inaction. And here it begins. Fat. It needs to be destroyed, and Tiros 50 comes to help, accelerating the metabolism, increasing cellular activity, promotes the absorption of amino acids and the fastest processing of fats.

Tiros 50 mg Dosage

25 mcg per day with a gradual increase in the same dose every 4-5 days. It is very individual – a typical, general sports dosage is given as an example. Pros consider the maximum dose exactly that.

Tiros 50 Side effects

Overdose can harm the thyroid gland. Also at the beginning of the reception, body temperature may rise, as a result of the restructuring of the body under a more intense rhythm. Tiros 50 is worth buying, because it is cheaper and more reliable than the paleo-diet, cutting down carbohydrates, all kinds of torture and other dangerous game. We do not guarantee a fabulous disposal of cellulite, but provide an effective means of stimulating the body to the proper absorption of the intake of fat.