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Clomid 50mg


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Drugs in this group contribute to the elimination of all the side effects of the estrogenic type, which may occur when using steroids. In addition, Clomid 50mg has the ability to accelerate the production of endogenous male hormone. That is why Clomid 50 mg is almost always used after the course.

The positive qualities and effects of Clomid 50 mg

The active ingredient of clomid is clomiphene citrate. This substance effectively blocks estrogen receptors located in the cellular structures of tissues. However, on the very process of women’s synthesis. Builders need to fix this problem as quickly as possible, and here Clomid comes to their rescue.

The faster the normal testosterone production rate is restored, the lower the rollback effect will be. Clomid is able to affect the pituitary arc, from which work depends on the rate of secretion of the male hormone. This makes the drug an excellent tool for rehabilitation therapy. Note that Clomid price is low, which also attracts the attention of many athletes.

Among the main effects of this anti-estrogen should be highlighted:

  • Effectively blocks estrogen receptors;
  • Stimulates the production of seminal fluid, while improving its quality;
  • Does not belong to the group of steroid medications;
  • Able to quickly restore the normal secretion rate of endogenous testosterone;
  • Increases the concentration of gonadotropic hormones.

Methods of use and dosage of Clomid

Clomid should be used for saz after removal of all AAS metabolites from the body. If you have used short medications, then Clomid can be used the very next day. If your course included prolonged drugs, then you need to know the duration of their half-life.

The daily dosage of Clomid 50mg usually ranges from 50 to 100 milligrams. To obtain the desired result, the duration of antiestrogen use is from two weeks to a month. We recommend that after completion of the use of anabolic steroids to be tested in order to be able to control hormonal levels. In this case, you will know exactly when you can cancel Clomid.

Try to take the drug at one time to get the best possible result. Girls should not use Clomid, as this may disrupt the endocrine system. In this case, we note that the drug is still sometimes used by athletes in preparing for competitions for burning fat.