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Tamoxifen 40


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General information about Tamoxifen 40

Tamoxifen 40 mg is a medication used in bodybuilding to block estradiol receptors. It is very similar in structure to Clomid, but is more powerful in properties with few differences from its counterpart. The drug is recommended to be used for post-course therapy and in some cases for use on the course itself. The use of tamoxifen leads to an increase in the level of endogenous testosterone.

Positive qualities of Tamoxifen 40mg

  • Increase the “good” cholesterol – high density cholesterol. This significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Tamoxifen, based on mild estrogen, has virtually no effect on the liver. Positive effect on the body as a whole.
  • Promotes calcium buildup in bone tissue.
  • Acceleration of Metabolism
  • Improved oxygen exchange. Therefore, it is often used by representatives of cyclic sports.
  • Positive effect on skin health
  • Positive effect on the state of the nervous system

Recommended dosages

Due to the effectiveness of this drug, the working dosage is limited to 20-40 mg per day. Buy tamoxifen can be just in dosages of 20 mg – 1 tablet. The use of tamoxifen is cost-effective both on the course and on PCT. Often it is connected to the course with androgenic drugs and testosterone.