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Ovidac 5000 IU


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Ovidac 5000 IU is a steroid type of drug. Today, it is customary to use it not only in bodybuilding, but many other athletes can not do without the drug. Anyone can buy Ovidac 5000 IU in our store at the best price and immediately see the result of its effects on the body.

The positive effects of Ovidac 5000

If athletes take gonadotropin, they will very soon notice the following positive changes:

  • the production of sex hormones in the male body is activated;
  • after some time, spermatogenesis is activated;
  • if a woman takes the drug, then ovulation begins to occur regularly, progesterone production returns to normal, and the placenta fully develops during pregnancy.

Side effects of taking Ovidac 5000 IU

If the course or dosage of the steroid drug hCG is chosen incorrectly, then this may trigger some side effects. Therefore, it is very important to consult with a specialist before taking the remedy in order to avoid the following:

  •  gynecomastia develops;
  •  the body begins to linger in large quantities of fluid;
  •  mood swings can occur;
  •  sexual desire increases several times and can be very difficult to control;
  •  worried about a severe headache that occurs with seizures.

In order to avoid such serious side effects, not only consultation with a specialist is necessary, but also the purchase of Ovidac from reliable suppliers.