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Testocyp (Testosterone Cypionate) is a long-acting injectable testosterone ester diluted in oil. The half-life of Testocypa in the body of an athlete is about 2 weeks. Testocyp is a strong androgen with good anabolic properties. Testosterone Cypionate is a popular testosterone in the USA; they use it much more often than Testosterone Enanthate. The Europeans, on the contrary, prefer Testosterone Enanthate. In Russia, they use both, there is practically no difference in action, and athletes acquire testosterone, which is more profitable in terms of cash costs. Comparing Testocyp and Testosterone Enanthate, we see that both testosterone are injection and do not differ from each other in important characteristics: an increase in muscle mass and strength indicators, side effects, duration of action, cost.

Testocyp in bodybuilding is used to quickly and efficiently gain muscle mass. Testocyp freely ahead of everyone’s favorite Methane in the rate of increase in muscle mass and strength indicators of the athlete. The rapid increase in mass and strength associated with fluid retention in the body of an athlete. Sportsmen weightlifting and powerlifting often used Testocyp. For serious weight categories of athletes of these sports, dosages of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and even 1500 mg. a day is not uncommon.

In all sports where strength, power, and aggressiveness are most important, Testocyp is one of the main drugs. Testocyp significantly speeds up muscle recovery, increases motivation for the training process. As a result of these factors, athletes train every day and even twice a day, and there is no talk of overtraining, and the indicators are growing before our eyes. Fluid retention in the body helps those who have joint problems, but at the same time because of the water, the muscles look swollen. Testocyp is strongly aromatized and because of this there is a problem not only fluid retention, but also the risk of gynecomastia and excess fat. All the phenomena associated with the flavoring of Testocypa are manifested in the athlete depending on the predisposition. Some even with huge dosages do not have any problems with water recruitment and gynecomastia, but there are athletes who, even from the minimum amount of Testocyp, begin to hurt their breast nipples. In any case, when using Testocypa, anti-estrogens are better to have with you.